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Culture of Ruipu
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1.Setting up the confidence that will always win.

2.Having the courage to innovate and changing ideas with times.

3.Being good at thinking and studying.

4.Making a clear distinction between right and wrong.

5.Don’t try to save a little advantage but to lose a lot.

6.Being honorable and observing credit.

7.Observing commercial secret strictly and safeguarding the benefit of our company.

8.Striving for cooperation and our group is supreme.

9.Being loyal to your duty and performing every duty completely.

10.Loving the job you have had and respect it.

11.Obeying your leader. Carrying out first and then suggesting.

12.Working hard and pursuing dedication.

13.Dealing with affairs fair and behaving enthusiastically.

14.Seeking truth from facts and going ahead actively.

15.Keeping on criticizing and self- criticizing.



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